The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts


Sumer, or the `land of civilized kings`, flourished in Mesopotamia, now cutting-edge Iraq, round 4500 BC. Sumerians created a sophisticated civilization with its personal machine of complex language and writing, structure and arts, astronomy and mathematics. Their non secular machine become a complicated one created from loads of gods. According to the historical texts, every Sumerian town become guarded via way of means of its personal god; and even as human beings and gods used to stay together, the human beings had been servants to the gods. 

 The Sumerian advent delusion may be determined on a pill in Nippur, an historical Mesopotamian town based in about 5000 BC. 

 The advent of Earth ( Enuma Elish ) in step with the Sumerian drugs starts like this: 

 When withinside the top heaven become now no longer named,

And the earth under did now no longer but endure a name,

And the primeval Apsu, who begat them,

And chaos, Tiamut, the mom of them both

Their waters had been mingled together,

And no area become formed, no marsh become to be seen;

When of the gods none have been referred to as into being,

And none bore a name, and no destinies had been ordained;

Then had been created the gods withinside the midst of heaven,

Lahmu and Lahamu had been referred to as into being... 

 Sumerian mythology claims that, withinside the beginning, human-like gods dominated over Earth. When they got here to the Earth, there has been a lot paintings to be carried out and those gods toiled the soil, digging to make it liveable and mining its minerals. 

 The texts point out that sooner or later the gods mutinied towards their labour. 

 When the gods like men

Bore the paintings and suffered the toll

The toil of the gods become great,

The paintings become heavy, the misery become a lot. 

 Anu, the god of gods, agreed that their labour become too great. His son Enki, or Ea, proposed to create guy to endure the labour, and so, with the assist of his half-sister Ninki, he did. A god become positioned to death, and his frame and blood become combined with clay. From that fabric the primary person become created, in likeness to the gods. 

 You have slaughtered a god together

With his personality

I even have eliminated your heavy paintings

I even have imposed your toil on guy.

In the clay, god and guy

Shall be bound,

To a harmony introduced together;

So that to the cease of days

The Flesh and the Soul

Which in a god have ripened –

That soul in a blood-kinship be bound. 

 This first guy become created in Eden, a Sumerian phrase which means `flat terrain`. In the Epic of Gilgamesh , Eden is noted because the lawn of the gods and is positioned someplace in Mesopotamia among the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Sumerian pill depicting Enki withinside the advent myth. ( 

 Initially humans have been not able to breed on their own, however have been later changed with the assist of Enki and Ninki. Thus, Adapa changed into created as a completely practical and unbiased human being. This `modification` changed into performed with out the approval of Enki`s brother, Enlil, and a battle among the gods began. Enlil have become the adversary of man, and the Sumerian pill mentions that guys served gods and went thru plenty trouble and suffering. 

 Adapa, with the assist of Enki, ascended to Anu wherein he didn't solution a query about `the bread and water of life`. Opinions range at the similarities among this advent tale and the biblical tale of Adam and Eve in Eden. 

 Top image: Sumerian chaos monster and solar god. ( Wikipedia) 

 Note: Ancient Sumerian translations have been taken from William Bramley`s book, The Gods of Eden .

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